Monday, September 23, 2013

Nearly There

Well, it's less than two weeks until we leave for New York and I am really feeling the pressure.  I have butterflies, I'm not sleeping well and I have more things to do than I have time left!!!
I'm sure there are some other bcny vendors who feel the same way I do.  Never fear, things nearly always seem to work out for the best!  Even if my grand plans end up being a little less grand!
I am not having as much fun right now though, but it's funny because in about a month, it will all be over and I'll be sitting there dazed and thinking, I can't believe it's all over already!  I need to be mindful and try and enjoy every minute of the build-up/countdown!
I have some pics that I want to share and that I should have put up here ages ago.  I really have neglected this little place on the web.
These dresses are part of the G.Baby and Trio Daisy Buchanan collaboration which will be on display at the BCNY.


This girl is a Chinalilly custom with clothes made especially for her by me!  She is collab, that Sam and I have had fun working on.  She was inspired by an Australian Sunset and her name is Aurora Australis.  She has thermal hair which turns blue when it is warm.  She will be available for adoption at BCNY.

This will be one of a very limited number of 50s style tulle dresses available to purchase.  These dresses are so fiddly to make - simple but very fiddly!!  And oh so rewarding!  I think they are pretty cute!

Well, best be back to sewing on snaps and beads and buttons, and to folding packaging and stall design - which is very lacking still.  It's quite hard to figure out how to make a flat pack stall work!!
See you soon!


  1. Oh ! I so wish I could go !! It would be lovely to see your creations in person :)

    You are extremely talented :D