Sunday, June 2, 2013

Another Photoshop Unit Down!!

Well I have just finished another online photoshopping unit with rmit and this was my final piece.
I didn't enjoy this unit as much as the last one, and I'm glad it's over now!  We learned a few techniques straight from a photoshopping book and dvd and then for our final assignment, we had to combine as many of the techniques as we could into one photographic image.
I'm still waiting for my final marks, but up til now I've done very well so I'm not worried.  Even if I flunk this assignment, I've still passed.
I really would like to do some more of these type of images that I can make into little cards and postcards to take to Blythe Con NY.  They might be something nice and small and inexpensive to have on my little stall.

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