Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Slowly, slowly...

...I have made a start!  Yay!
I am only up to outfit number two for bcny, but at least now I have realised that I can do it!  Still not 100% sure I'm actually going, as hubby's job is a little on the line right now, but at least I have started on stock for my stall and I've even thought about what sort of theme I'm going to try and go with!!

Here are the first two outfits...


  1. Oh! You must go Laurinda!You must! Hope Hub`s job is secure and you can go without guilt as you must. Once in a life time, imagine the memories!
    but...if not then you will have plenty of cash once you sell these to buy a 'must get over NYC blythe con' Kenner, only fair?

  2. Ha ha!! Yes, I really think I must go!!
    It isn't looking good though, he's not feeling secure at all right now.
    But you are right, I will hopefully have enough money to make a dream dolly mine!! (unless guilt takes over, and it has to go on bills!!) T*T