Sunday, March 10, 2013

Blythe Con NY

Well, I have been trying desperately to get my head around the being a vendor at BCNY and have not gotten there yet!!  How do you go about deciding what you are going to stock your little 3by3foot stall with?  I have hunted all over the interwebs trying to find good ideas for how to cleverly display stock.   And there are quite a few very gorgeous and nifty little things that very clever clogs have come up with.  But now I need to make a few of my own decisions about what I am going to make and do!!  It's all very well to get excited and silly, but now I need to keep calm and carry on!
Hopefully within the next week I will have almost finished up more than half the trades I am in the middle of and be able to start brain-storming ideas.
Oh and here is the donation I have made for the Blythe Fest Sydney 2013.  (just the dress and tights, and not my new MeiMei Bunny Helmet!!)


  1. Oh its gorgeous as usual:D some one is going to be super excited to get that!!