Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Dress Collection... come soon!
I have had a LOT of interest in the Dior Style 50s dresses I made for Coralie. (For the Love of Blythe Project)  So I have decided to attempt a small collection of them.
I will document the process here on my blog and hopefully I will not have a meltdown as they are very difficult and extremely time consuming.
I have chosen fabrics and each will be a different combination, but hopefully they will all be equally pretty!

I'll make a test one first as it was a while ago that I made them, and I can't remember exactly how I did it!!  I really should be better at recording my processes.  Maybe 2013 will be the year for that!!

I have cut out all the bits and pieces.  The bodices are made up of five pattern pieces which give a beautiful fit and the lining is exactly the same.
The tulle overlay on the bodice is gathered and sewn into a side seam.  This is the hardest bit to get right and I usually have to attempt this a couple of times to get it perfect.
The skirt has two layers of gathered tulle and one layer is sewn just below the other so that there isn't too much bulk in the base of the bodice.
I always use two rows of gathering stitch to get the gathering perfect too.  I sew onto tissue paper to make the tulle easier to work with.  Otherwise sometimes it is sucked into the bottom of the machine and there is no saving it then!!!  There is usually a lot of tears that come with times like those!!  The tulle is very full and the gathering needs to be spread very evenly to look its best.
The hem on the silk fabric I sew by hand so there is barely a stitch visible on the outside and it is easily hidden by the layers of tulle.

Slowly getting there now.  Have sewn the under layer of tulle on and sewn the bodice pieces together.  Now to clip all the inside curves on the bodice and fray stop the clips, sew the lining to the bodice and gather the top of the skirt and tack the gathered top layer of tulle.

And now I remember why I told myself I would never make one of these dresses again!  Ha ha!!

Now to pin the tulle across the bodice...

And finally it's finished!


  1. You are amazing in what you do!! These are stunning:) I hear you are going to New York, that will be awesome!!

    1. Thank you, Courtney! And yes! I am hoping to make it to New York City for the Convention in October. Fingers crossed!

  2. Hi Laurinda!
    Thanks for the blog follow. I am reading through your posts and just wanted to say I love that you share your process here, it not only shows us some of the love and care you put in to your work but gives inspiration and tips to aspiring an seamstress like me. I'll never be a maker of stunning Dolly couture like you but if I ever wanted to work with tulle I have a tip for how in the back of my head now. x