Friday, December 28, 2012

I really like making my dresses with the tulle overlay on the skirt and a little while ago I cut out a long version of the dress.  With a collar.
I was thinking that the dress would be teastained to bring it all together when it was almost finished.
Now that it is almost finished, I am not quite sure about it!!
I plan to finish it today though as the photos I shared on flickr were pretty well received.  So perhaps it is more a case of the dress not turning out as I thought it would and so it's just a matter of accepting that and getting on with it!!  I really want to make some more of the long ones, so hopefully when this one is finished, I will like the end result and be inspired to keep going with some more.
Anyway, here are a couple of photos and hopefully by tonight, there will be photos of the finished product and I can list it in my shop.

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