Saturday, August 18, 2012

I'm still working on my packaging, but I am getting very close now!  I think I've changed my mind a few zillion times about it, but I just want everything to flow, but also be able to use different stuff for different things…like sets or single pieces, and prints and cards and one-off original drawings and one-off outfits too.  I am having a great time playing with photoshop and doing tutorials off and since I start my first course next week, this has been really good practice for me I think.
Here is a picture of my idea so far…
Just need to figure out where to put "Trio" and change the size of the fold over bit, but I like the swing tags.  I want to have lots of different ones.


  1. I think that your paackaging looks really nice. I particularly love the image on the flap. In fact I also think the outfit inside the packaging is lovely too :)

  2. Just stunning!! If you need any help with photoshop - I have used it since 2000 for digital scrapbooking so know a bit:)