Thursday, July 26, 2012

Finally, I have decided to begin my journey to building a career for myself, to make me feel more fulfilled and to be able to contribute financially to our little family.
I knew it would be tough to even decide what I could possibly do, but I never realized just how tough it would be when you don't really have the support you REALLY need.
I wanted to be excited and get stuck in, but I'm finding that when there are so many doubts at the back of your mind - time issues, time management issues, kids, no confidence in yourself that you can do it, disruption to normal day-to-day routines - it's pretty hard!  I haven't studied or been in the workforce since my first baby (who is almost 13) was one and a half.  O_O
But I guess there will always be hurdles and I know I just have to keep jumping as high as I can.

Anyway, this was just a short note, I have so much on my mind, I just wanted to air a little bit of my stress.

I would love to know how people get past all these insecurities.


  1. Hi Laurinda, Sorry you're feeling a little out of sorts, but sometimes you just have to stop procrastinating and just jump in, in spite of all those insecurities. I doubt if there's anyone who doesn't feel or hasn't felt the same way.

    I guess I was fortunate having my dad, who was a brilliant carpenter and tradesman in the building industry, until he had his knees replaced and was told ... "light duties only from here on". Of course there was no such thing in the building industry and he soon found himself unemployed at the ripe ol' age of 56. He was really scared that he wouldn't be able to provide for us and felt quite insecure at the time, but he went back to school and retrained as a small offset printer and found a job ... I always admired his courage. He told me "you are never too old to learn something new or start over" and I believe this to be true. If you want a new career, find something you love doing, do it well and just go for it ... you'll find persistance and dogged determination will see you through in the end.

  2. Thanks, Sandi. I am just going to jump in. I have enrolled in and online course and have started practising the whole study thing. So hopefully, I will get there eventually.
    One of my friends told me you have to fake it til you make it, cause that's what everyone does!! Talk yourself up and say you can do anything and then go and learn what you have to learn to get you there!!

  3. One word for you GIRLFRIENDS!! You are such a lovely, beautiful, talented (overly talented) did I mention talented girl and you don't even realise how much! You will succeed and succeed so well that you will wonder why you worried and stressed so much about it in the first place. Now go out into the world little duck and make your mark:D and remember your girlfriends are there for you any time!

  4. Ha ha!! Thanks so much, Courtney, you're a sweetheart! Thanks for being so encouraging and I'm so glad I met you!!! xx