Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Well, after a lovely week long trip to Melbourne with my sister, Stace, I feel refreshed and inspired and ready to go!!  Only trouble is, Life is kinda getting in the way of me getting on with all the things I really want to get on with!!
On a very exciting note though, I may, just Maaaaybe, jetting off with my parents and sister to South Africa and Zimbabwe next year!!  How VERY exciting.  It will all depend of course, on how we fare in the financial department until then!!!  Fingers crossed I can set the little elves to work especially hard!
Melbourne was, as usual, fantastic!  I really love that place - the food, the shopping, the culture, the Queen was there (we missed out on seeing her though!!) the Melbourne Cup festivities were on and we almost could have gotten a free domestic flight with Qantas!!  Ha ha!
My favourite thing was Red Door Yum Cha, just off Chapel Street.  O. My. God.  It was soooo yummy, I will never forget it!!
We attempted to go to the Trash and Treasure in Camberwell while we were there as we had decided that this trip was going to be all about second hand finds, but it got rained out and we ended up sitting in a cafe for breakfast and coffee.  Lucky we don't mind that sort of thing, so we had a lovely time.  We made our way back to Chapel Street, hopped off the train and walked up Greville Street and ran into a little pre-loved clothes market at which Stacey and I found some really cute things which more than made up for missing the Camberwell Markets!!
It is Spring in Australia and I must say, that both Stace and I REALLY suffered with hayfever the first couple of days we were there.  We bought some antihistamine tablets to begin with, but they did nothing, and so we had to move on to the big nose squirty stuff which I think tastes revolting!  Ewww!  But it was worth it, because it made the rest of the trip a lot more enjoyable as we didn't have to worry about our noses constantly running!
St Kilda was gorgeous and I did a fair bit of Christmas shopping down Acland Street and we then got a Baby Kugle on the way home - it was very good!

I have just finished my first Trio Paper Doll and listed her in my etsy shop.
I hope you find her very sweet and add her to your Christmas stocking filler list!!!

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