Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ready for the Circus Set for Blythe

This week I have listed a little clown outfit.  There is an embroidered trench coat, a crocheted bowler hat and a corset set.  GONE.

I made the most of the last week of school holidays and finished it in less than a week, which is a big achievement for me!!  ha ha!!
I'm very sad the school holidays are over though - no more sleep-ins (not that we actually slept in ever, but just knowing the option was there was soooooo great!!) back to school lunch box packing, homework, school runs, before school activities, after school activities, weekend activities, playdates, etc etc!!!

Aaaanywaaay, my sister and I are going to Melbourne next week for a week.  Just us.  We have never gone to Melbourne in the Spring, so we are very excited.  I love Melbourne to death and if I had no family in Perth, I would be living there now!

We stay in Fitzroy, as that is our favourite shopping and eating spot!  And it's so pretty - we loooove all the graffiti, it's awesome!  This time round we are aiming to get to some second hand markets and I have been researching them.
There is an iphone app which lists heaps of different markets that are on in Victoria.  We just have to figure out which ones to pick and how to get there, as we won't have a car - so it's trams and buses for us!
Ooooooo, I'm so excited!!
I found this old flyer on the web and really liked it.  It's a pity that this market won't be on when we are there.  Such a great picture though!!

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