Thursday, January 6, 2011

Trio Trenchie Collection One

I have just finished four new Trio Trenchies! 
They all come with a pair of green socks, they all do up at the front with metal snaps and are lined with no exposed seams in the bodice.
There is a maroon corduroy one with a sweet flower print, a soft brown velvet pinstriped one, for the demure, sophisticated miss.  There is a fairytale one with a sweet prints on the skirt part and there is a retro style one in oranges and greens.
               one...gone   two...gone   three...gone   four...gone

Hope there is one here you like!!
love laurinda


  1. They're so beautiful, I love them so much! It's no wonder they are gone! My fave is the purple one, and then the forest one.
    Life interruptions made Blythe the last thing I have been able to think about lately but I am starting to get back into it again! I so desperately wish I could have another, but I am starting University this year so I will be completely broke for the foreseeable future, ha! :D

  2. Thanks Amy! Hope you have a lot of fun at uni!