Sunday, January 2, 2011

Home Sweeeeeet Home

Well I finally went out and bought a doll's house.  And where else but from Ikea! 
I thought I would probably go an Expedit, however I ended up with two Traby units.  They are so much better for a doll's house I think.  The sections are changeable and bigger than the expedit.  It only comes in one colour, but the colour is quite noice and of course you can change it up a bit.  So I have been flickring blythe homes and there are some gorgeous little abodes out there.  People are so creative and clever and have way more taste than me!!!
So here are a couple of places which I think are absolutely divine.

The picture below is from  Megipupu ( ) on Flickr.

And this one is from Keera ( ) on flickr.

There are so many gorgeous homes for blythe out there.
This is my effort so far...still a way to go I know!!  But it is a lot of fun!!


  1. It's a great unit for them, and so much potential! Your inspiration pictures are beautiful, I love that tiny bunting and it would be so easy to make. It's all about the little details, you can do it!

  2. Thanks, Amy!
    That bunting is lovely, you're so right about the little details!